Business Documents

Business documents, labels and tags have been our business for more than 35 years. Whether your project involves one or multiple-color documents, carbon or carbonless forms, adhesive labels or custom tags, Proforma’s electronic and paper solutions will help you refocus your energies and increase profitability. We also specialize in forms management programs that coordinate your forms and documents to optimize workflow and improve efficiency.

We understand that managing your business documents program requires significant resources to guarantee that your inventory is accurate and your documents are consistent. Our integrated document management systems and fulfillment services can simplify and enhance your existing documents program. Choose Proforma as the one source for your business document needs and connect to a vast network of quality documents, forms and labels.

Business document solutions offered through Proforma include:

  • Forms management programs
  • eProcurement programs
  • Carbon, carbonless, continuous and electronic forms
  • Envelopes, labels and business stationery
  • Checks and other financial forms
  • Invoices
  • Watermarks and tamper-resistant forms

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